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Blake’s Advice Column

Dear Blake,

I have been dating this guy for about six months, but he has never stated how he feels about me. Are there any non-verbal signs that he loves me? My friends tell me you have the answers to these type of questions.

Signed, Evelyn

From Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Dear Evelyn,

For some men, it’s difficult for them to say those words. And it’s also possible that he is just buying his time until something better comes along. That being said, there are some clear “guy signs” that he loves you and here are some examples. If he takes you to a sports bar, and he acknowledges your existence during a championship game, then he obviously really cares. While watching a fascinating intense movie at the theater and you start asking dumb questions about the plot, he probably loves you if he doesn’t tell you to “shut up” after throwing some popcorn in your face. On the occasions you ask him to go with you to a shopping mall, and you wander around for hours without buying anything, more than likely you mean a lot to him if out of frustration he doesn’t start yanking his hair out… along with some of yours. But if you want to take the more direct approach, just ask him point blank if he loves you. If he says “yes” immediately without hesitation, then it was rehearsed, because he probably said the exact same thing to his secret girlfriend earlier in the day. I hope this helps


Blake's Advice Column

• 03/18/2017

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