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Dear Blake,

My son has two children and he’s constantly dropping them off with me without calling first. I love my grandchildren, but I get really irritated when he visits me without telling me ahead of time, and then leaves them with me with no consideration of what my schedule may be. I am in a very awkward situation. What’s your take?

Signed, Felicia

from Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Dear Felicia,

Try to put him in a similar position, and maybe then he can empathize to what he’s subjecting you to. One day, drop off your car and tell him he needs to change the oil immediately. Or unexpectedly, knock on his door at midnight, asking him to take you to the airport because you’re catching a red eye. Or drop off a homeless person at his place that wants a foot massage before starting their daily routine of wandering the streets aimlessly. If you do this enough times, he’ll get the message. And the odds are, he won’t be dropping your grandkids off at your house without calling ahead, because more than likely he won’t have any desire to ever see you or speak to you again. I hope this helps.


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