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Dear Blake,

I am suppose to be graduating from high school this May, but I dropped out last year and never told my parents. In my opinion, education isn’t everything. I want to experience life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean getting a good job, or any job for that matter. What’s your perspective?

Signed, Willis

from South Bend, Indiana

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Dear Willis,

You made a very good point, because there are seasonal jobs you can get year round that does not require you to have one of those “overrated” high school diplomas. In the summertime you can cut your neighbor’s grass, even though you will probably be competing for customers against kids around 12 that may have more experience with lawn mowers than you have. In the fall you can rake leaves, in the winter you can shovel snow, and in the spring you can be a day worker in front of any Home Depot. And because of your projected meager income, you probably won’t have to be deal with the yearly aggravation of filing a tax return, unless you simply want to give the IRS something to laugh at. With that being said, it is entirely possible that you can fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after… as long as your wife doesn’t mind living with you indefinitely in your parent’s basement. I hope this helps.


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