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Dear Blake,

I’m six years old and I don’t know what to get my mommy for Mother’s Day. She already has a lot of stuff. She has a job selling spoonfuls of baking flour to a lot of different grownups. They are always coming over to buy it and some of them act really weird. Anyway, could you help me with an idea on what to get her?

Signed, Clarice

from St. Louis, Missouri

* * * * * * * *

Dear Clarice,

I’m pretty sure that’s not baking flour your mother is selling, but you’re probably too young to understand what it really is. But here is what I think you should give her. Create a video album of her daily life, but make it a surprise. If you know how to record video with a cell phone, the next time she sells the “baking flour”, film it. I’m assuming your mommy likes jewelry, so call your local jeweler at 911 because they deliver. And when they arrive, give them the video that you made of her while she was “at work”. Be sure to tell them you want some bracelets for your mother, and I promise you they will provide some very special ones for her that are nice and shiny. I hope this helps.


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