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Dear Blake,

I am currently on a cruise with my wife that we have looked forward to for years. The unfortunate thing is, the couple in the cabin next to us play loud music in their private parties, that keeps me and my wife up all night. I don’t want to appear to be unfriendly or anti-social. So what should I do?

Signed Barry and Veronica
From Raleigh, North Carolina

* * * * * * * *

Dear Berry and Veronica,

A relaxing vacation is something everyone craves from time to time. Here is what I think you should do in regards to those boneheaded insensitive neighbors of yours. Invite them to a lounge one evening and respectfully explain your frustration, and hopefully they will honor your request. If they appear to be apathetic, get them loaded, take them to an isolated part of the ship, and push them overboard. Unless there are witnesses, it’s doubtful you’ll be linked to this “tragic accident” because sharks rarely leave clues. I hope this helps.


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