Ask Blake Picture111

Dear Blake,

I recently became a Christian and I see a lot of televangelists every Sunday morning. Could you give me some advice on how to tell the good ones from the bad ones just in case I ever decide to send them some money.

Signed, Chip
From Maywood, Illinois

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Dear Chip,

In Matthew 3:12, it describes separating the wheat from the chaff. And there are certain red flags you should notice when you hear the rants of some of these losers. If his local Cadillac dealer knows him on a first name basis, turn the channel. If his house is bigger than most churches, turn the channel. If he says the reason why he flies exclusively on private jets, is because they can go higher than commercial jets, thus he’ll be closer to God/heaven, turn the channel. There are plenty of good preachers out there, but there are even more hucksters and con artists in the pulpit.Unfortunately, gullible people will always gravitate to some of these smooth talking imbeciles that will always be here… including the day after the rapture (how embarrassing). I hope this helps.


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