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Dear Blake,

I am recently returning for a trip to Greece. While I was there when I took a stroll in a forest, I saw a centaur and I watched it for about 20 minutes. I know what I saw, but my friends are questioning my sanity. I’m thinking about going back there to try and capture it. Could I have imagined the whole thing?

Signed, Martin
From New York City, New York

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Dear Martin,

I hope you enjoyed your vacation to one of the most noteworthy places on earth regarding ancient history. I have no idea why your friends are questioning your sanity, because as far as I’m concerned, there is no question. A centaur is half man half horse. That type of interbreeding is even illegal in most southern states in America I don’t want to speculate on what prompted your vision until I know the drug laws in Athens, and their availability to tourists. On the outside chance of what you saw was real, if what I have read about centaurs is true, it could probably tear you apart limb from limb. So I think it would make more sense (and safer) for you to just offer it some fame and fortune by coming to the USA, because it would become an instant celebrity. On the other hand, if it wants to come here and lead a quiet normal life, encourage it to move to San Francisco. There are so many weirdos there, that it’s highly unlikely it’s strange appearance will stand out in a crowd. I hope this helps.


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