Robin Hoodersa

BREAKING NEWS – Keene, New Hampshire – Armed with video cameras and pockets full of change, a group of self-styled “Robin Hooders” patrols the streets of Keene, N.H., filling expired meters and relentlessly questioning parking enforcement officers whom they believe are “stealing” from citizens to fill the city’s coffers. The controversial practice is now before New Hampshire’s highest court, which is deciding whether the six activists are within their First Amendment right to carry out such protests, while the parking enforcement officers claim their conduct is harassment and interferes with their ability to carry out their job. James Cleaveland, the 27-year-old leader of the group and an accountant by trade, believes the city’s problem with the Robin Hooders is lost revenue. He claims the city lost at least $80,000 last year as a result of the group’s conduct. Cleaveland said he could easily prove his allegation, based on the fact that last year, the mayor reluctantly admitted that he encouraged married couples that weren’t getting along to physically “slug it out”, so the city could gain revenue by fining them both for disturbing the peace.

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