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Dear Blake,

I am very tall for a woman (6’3”) and I have been dating a man that’s 5’3”. He says the height difference doesn’t bother him, but sometimes when we get into arguments, I can tell he feels uncomfortable, because I have to look down at him when we get into a heated exchange. We often talk about marriage, but I don’t want to later find out that this is going to be an ongoing problem. What do you think?

Signed, Joyce
From St. George, Utah

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Dear Joyce,

I don’t think the height difference will be a problem down the road. And if it is an issue, you have all the advantages so who cares your dwarf husband-to-be thinks? Tell him to “man up” even if he’s closer to the size of a teenager. Also consider the amount of times domestic abuse happens in households where women are the victims. This is not likely to ever happen in your case, because your reach can keep him at bay with some jabs, and you could probably easily knock him out with any numbers of punches, with the haymaker being the most effective. The only dilemma I can see in the future are genetic ones. If you guys have kids and they’re all girls with his height, no problem. If they acquire your height, their peers will assume they came from a family of freaks. On the other hand, if you have all boys and they obtain your height, they are likely to become high school athletes. But if the boys get their father’s height, they’ll probably be on the debate team or glee club, to surround themselves with other runts, to temporarily suppress their continual feelings of inadequacy. I hope this helps.


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