Dear Blake,

I love your website. I have a bit of a problem right now. I have suddenly became super popular in high school, and I HATE it. Everyone is paying attention to me and I feel like jumping into a hole. What should I do?

Signed, Frankie

From Atlanta, Georgia

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Dear Frankie,

Instant fame and popularity can often be a very difficult thing for a person to emotionally adjust to. Your failure to state the reason why you’re getting all this attention, suggests to me that your notoriety might be based on your irritating inability to articulate important facts. Could it be because the way you dress? Are your clothes exceedingly raggedy and due to your “homeless” appearance, you stand in front of your locker shaking a can begging for spare change? Are you a really bright student that helps menacing thugs in your class cheat on exams? Or are you so dumb, that people are entertained at how little you know, including your teachers, siblings, and parents? Maybe it’s something that you feel uncomfortable discussing. If you are currently confused on your sexual orientation, and students regularly bet on which bathroom you’re going to use, that is illegal… unless you move from Atlanta to any high school in Las Vegas. I hope this helps.


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