BREAKING NEWS – Boston, Massachusetts – A 76-year-old Boston woman received an outpouring of support after she was fined $200 for failing to shovel her sidewalk. Lorraine Walsh failed to clear a path two weeks ago from her steps to the street and couldn’t get to the rest of it before the snow froze up. Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who is not related to Lorraine, told the newspaper that the snow shoveling fines were in place for the public’s safety. He also said that Lorraine is a “repeat offender” because last year during the summer she was fined $100 for potentially causing someone to slip and fall because she didn’t sweep the rain off of her sidewalk after a downpour. In cases similar to this, a lawyer might have been contacted by the person if they fully slipped and fell over because a slip & fall lawyer can get you compensation if the case is a strong one. Anyone who has slipped and fallen and wants to take action may want to contact an attorney to go over their case and see where they stand.

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