BREAKING NEWS – Los Angeles, California – People Magazine has listed 14 peculiar facts about some well known celebrities, such as:

Glenn Close and Jamie Farr are terrible at estimating distances

None of the Spice Girls know how to season food

Lucille Ball often bounced checks

Kevin Spacey wanted to work for NASA

Chris Rock was born in Boulder, Colorado

Cher is selfish

Barbara Boxer never drinks punch

While in high school, Taylor Swift was cut from the track team

Al Gore only likes slasher movies

Nicolas Cage hates zoos

Carrie Underwood likes sleeping in forests beneath logs

While indoors, Dakota Fanning insists on feeling a constant breeze

Winona Ryder hates to drive, according to her ex-boyfriend Tom Cruise

Tyra Banks doesn’t trust financial institutions

Wolf Blitzer owns three pigs, that are little

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