Dear Blake,

Is it OK for senior citizens to order off of the kids’ menu? Friends of ours have recently begun to do this even though the menus state “6 and under, please.” They are not poor and live a comfortable lifestyle. The waiter usually just looks the other way and allows them to do it. I find it embarrassing. I feel they are cheating the business and the server.

Signed, Linda

From Burbank, California

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Dear Linda,

I have never seen an adult order from a kid’s menu for their own consumption. Which obviously means I have never heard of anyone stupid enough to complain about it. Ok, let’s look at some possibilities on why they request food typically served to children. Due to the fact that they are senior citizens, they may have very few teeth, thus they may prefer food that is soft and mushy, neatly cut into small portions, because it’s easier to gum. Or maybe they are hoping that a kiddie toy comes with the meal, because they need something to amuse them since Lawrence Welk went off the air. Some young children wear diapers, and some senior citizens wear Depends, so basically it’s the same customer. But there is something I need to know. Do you have an issue when a six year old child gets food from the “adult” menu? In that case, would the restaurant be cheating the parents, since it’s no way that the child can eat all of the food served to them? If you’re equally critical of both positions, then I will say there is some consistency in your complaint, even though your dining concerns suggests to me that more than likely, you’re an idiot. I hope this helps.


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