Dear Blake,

I’m a 15-year-old girl and a sophomore in high school in San Diego.. Last year I went to school in Boston. While I was there, I became best friends with this girl, “Amelia.” We did everything together, and Amelia even flew back here to visit my family when school ended and I had to go home. It has now been a few months since I’ve seen her, and so much has changed. She doesn’t make time to text or call me hardly ever, and when she does, it’s always a quick conversation. Because of the time difference and our schedules, I get that it’s difficult, but shouldn’t she make some time for her best friend? Any thoughts?

Signed, Belinda
From San Diego, California

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Dear Belinda,

Geographical changes can often alter or put a strain on a relationship. But so far, you haven’t shown me any evidence that she ever wanted to be around the likes of you. Now let’s look at some possibilities. Maybe Amelia thought you were one of those “clingy” people that constantly invaded her space like a creepy stalker, and she’s glad you left town so she can stop considering filing a restraining order against you. It could be that she was a dumb student and she wanted you around to help her with her homework, or she was a really smart student, and she wanted to be seen with you so she would look even smarter because her friends think you are really stupid. You said Amelia flew to San Diego to be with you, but I am suggesting that she was just using you for free room and board while she was on a cheap vacation. People come and go, that’s life. Once you become an adult, you’ll see that what you are going through is normal. As time passes, people drift apart and eventually you couldn’t care less about each other. This happens with old friends, and unfortunately it will probably happen between you and your future husband too, so get used to it. I hope this helps.


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