BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked President Trump by phone for the U.S. providing information that helped thwart potential terrorist attacks, the Kremlin said. Moscow initiated the phone call, in which the two leaders “discussed a range of issues of mutual interest and agreed to continue bilateral cooperation in combating terrorism.” Russian officials offered few details about the intelligence they said they received through U.S. Special Forces. Russia’s Federal Security Service, FSB, detained two Russian citizens on Friday who the agency said intended to carry out terrorist attacks in crowded places in St. Petersburg during the New Year, RIA Novosti, one of Russia’s official news agencies, reported. Congresswoman Maxine Waters was extremely critical of Trump helping Russia thwart terrorism. “This proves where his allegiance lies,” she began. “He helped Russia prevents acts of violence, but he hasn’t done the same for black communities. Why hasn’t he phoned a home in Chicago warning them that their place is about to be riddled with bullets from a drive-by-shooting? Why hasn’t he warned store owners in inner cities that they are about to get robbed? Why hasn’t he contacted people all over America letting them know that they are about to be carjacked? He only cares about Russia! My sources tell me that sometime this month he plans on building golf courses in Siberia! Impeach 45!”

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