BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – New York’s new bail-reform law is being blamed for the release of an accused serial bank robber who struck another bank after he got out of jail. Gerod Woodbury, 42, was charged with robbing four Manhattan banks since Dec. 30, according to reports. After being locked up, he was sprung the next day under the new law, which did away with bail in cases involving so-called nonviolent crimes. Just a day after being released, Woodbury made his way to Brooklyn where he robbed another bank — his fifth in a two-week span, the paper reported, citing law enforcement sources. The New York Post reported that after Woodbury was released from jail, sources quoted him as saying, “I can’t believe they let me out. What were they thinking?” He later told a judge that if Kentucky has similar bail laws he would move to that state, and then have “repeated visits” to Fort Knox.

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