BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has now taken socialism to a whole new level. She is now referring to people who have a savings account as “cash hoarders”.

“What they are doing is pure greed,” she began. “They have all this money just sitting there, while others have nothing. If I were president, all that would change. I would have everyone’s account monitored daily, and any account that has more than $100 will be flagged for additional screening. If a cash hoarder has a well paying job and a nice home, and their savings account has more than $100 in it, it will either be frozen or depleted, as the funds get transferred to a struggling family that has legit needs. I would also apply this principle to cars. If a person is driving and notices a brand new car on the road and the driver appears to successful, they would immediately alert the federal government. And once the vehicle is parked, it can be towed and given to an individual that is barely making ends meet, and often uses public transportation to get to their minimum wage job.”

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