BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D,C. – Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to make some factual errors during a virtual roundtable regarding his claim that he “became a professor” after leaving the Senate.

During an online campaign event, Biden took questions from young people and, while discussing the student debt crisis, Biden spoke about all the time he had spent on “campus.”

“When I left the United States Senate, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania,” Biden said. “And I’ve spent a lot of time — and the University of Delaware has the Biden School as well, so I’ve spent a lot of time on campus with college students.

Biden, quite notably, became vice president of the United States under President Obama when he left the Senate in 2009. It was, however, in 2017 when he received the title of “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” from the University of Pennsylvania.

He later tried to clear up the confusion, in which many political pundits felt he made things even worse. “When I left the Senate, what I meant to say was I became a ‘pro fisher’ and I apologize for the confusion,” he explained. “I did a lot of deep sea fishing on the Mississippi River, and I love going ice fishing every July when I visit Honolulu.”

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