BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – The coronavirus pandemic has not only stopped Robert De Niro from working, but it’s taken quite a bite of his paycheck as well. Attorneys for De Niro said the actor has come under financial strain as the coronavirus pandemic has limited or halted business for the restaurant chain Nobu and Greenwich Hotel, of which, he has stakes in both. He also recently had to pay investors $500,000 on a capital call. To make the payment, his attorneys said De Niro had to borrow money from business partners “because he doesn’t have the cash.”

“I am so desperate financially, that I even contacted President Trump to borrow some money, with the promise that I’ll stop publicly bashing him,” said De Niro. “I genuinely hopes he’ll help me out.”

President Trump acknowledged the brief phone conversation, and said he would send De Niro a loan application next month, after the veteran actor moves into either a homeless shelter or a tent city.

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