BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Maxine Waters is now going after Hanna-Barbera, because of one their Saturday morning cartoons that ran from 1968-1970.

“Well, there is finally something that both parties can emphatically agree on,” she began. “These proven bigots Hanna-Barbera has attacked all ethnicities, referring to us as ‘wacky races’. We are not all crazy, even though there are some mentally unstable people in every group. I am calling for a congressional hearing where both republicans and democrats can join forces to demand answers regarding Hanna-Barbera’s allegation that all ethnicities are emotionally unstable. And why hasn’t the president addressed this? He seems to get into fights with every race. Did Hanna-Barbera donate to his campaign? Did he have an affair with Penelope Pitstop? According my sources he plans on pardoning the entire Ant Hill Mob! Quarantine and impeach 45!”

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