BREAKING NEWS – Phoenix, Arizona – Conservative group Turning Point USA launched a new initiative encouraging college and university donors who believe their values no longer align with their alma maters to “de-commit” their gifts and redirect the money to different causes – rather than fund “left-wing indoctrination.”

Turning Point USA founder and President Charlie Kirk dubs the initiative “DivestU,” which the organization calls their “most aggressive project yet to combat rampant Leftism at universities by striking where they are most vulnerable: their wallets.”

In a joint letter from Harvard, Baylor, and Stanford who are being targeted by Turning Point USA, they wrote:

“All of the conservatives that gives us large donations has the right to refrain from sending us funds, because after all, it’s their money. On the other hand, ‘we’ have the right to give their addresses to BLM and Antifa, so they can have a ‘conference’ to discuss all financial options, including the cost of property damage, and the medical costs for bodily injuries.”

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