BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – On whether President Trump will try and stay in office if he loses in the election, Former Attorney General Eric Holder says, “There are these nightmare scenarios and we can wind them out … But he’s got to be beat, he has to be beaten badly,” he explained to Joy Reid on MSNBC. “All we have right now is Biden, and this sucks! When he eventually emerges from the basement where he’s currently being detained and his travel isn’t restricted, he should campaign vigorously. And since there isn’t enough time for him to overcome his dementia issues, he must avoid answer taking questions, unless they are given to him in writing in advance, which will give time to rehearse the correct responses. And to minimize the amount of damage his expected gaffes will cause during the upcoming presidential debates, he should consider responding ‘no comment’ to everything, including if he’s asked why he is even there.”

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