Dear Blake,

I met this beautiful woman online three months ago. We haven’t met in person yet, but plan to. We spend at least eight hours a day online together, and our relationship has really advanced. I know she’s real and not a “catfish” because we talk about everything. We even tell each other the L word.

My dilemma is, she has a second Facebook account and absolutely refuses to accept my friend request. She says she needs her privacy, and it’s none of my business. She also tells me her friends on that page are all male co-workers. She said she prefers to have mostly male friends in her life.

Am I wrong to be upset if she refuses to let me see that profile or be one of her friends there? Am I asking too much? I asked her what happened to transparency, but she won’t answer that question either. What’s going on here?

Signed, Darren
From Springfield, Illinois

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Dear Darren,

If your potential girlfriend is denying your “friends request”, she must have a good reason in her view. And so far, every possible reason I came up with, should have you nervous or afraid. So, from my perspective, these are some possibilities. She might be a very high priced call girl, and she is reluctant to humiliate you, by telling tell you that you can’t afford her rates. Or, it could be as she said, that the group are her male co-workers, and they’re just having fun looking at some embarrassing videos of her at an office party… after she got drunk. Here’s another possibility. It could be the group is actually all women sharing intimate secrets about the men in their lives, and your girlfriend may think there is something “funny looking” about your appearance, and she is protecting your feelings by not letting you get subjected to how often the women in that group are laughing at you. And lastly, she might be involved in a Satanic cult and you may soon become a human sacrifice. However, you can reduce that likelihood, by telling her that you have a rare blood disease, and maybe then she and other members of that deadly group won’t consider removing some of your vital organs. But if they decide to remove them anyway, hopefully she cares enough about you to use a local anesthetic, or at least make sure that you’re already dead before the slicing begins. I hope this helps.


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