BREAKING NEWS – Kenosha, Wisconsin – Former Vice President Joe Biden used an unfortunate choice of words while visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin, in relation to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Biden’s speech aimed at addressing racial unrest in a local black church , veered into talking about inequities in taxes at one point. He stopped himself from laying out his tax policy in detail, saying if he goes on any longer “they’ll shoot me.”

The Democratic nominee, who has been prone to gaffes, billed his first trip to Wisconsin during the 2020 campaign as a moment for healing in the wake of racial unrest and violence.

In a futile attempt to clean up his gaffe in front of the African-Americans in the church, he then said “Well, I uh, uh… I meant they’ll pistol whip me… uh no wait… I meant they’ll plant evidence on me that will… uh, um… uh… I think the Milwaukee Bucks are the best team in the NBA.”

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