BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Then-FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote he had not seen evidence ‘any individuals affiliated with the Trump team’ in contact with Russian intelligence officers; David Spunt reports.

The former FBI agent who played a major role in the Russia investigation has spoken out in defense of his former employer and said the shortcomings laid out in a government watchdog’s report were due to agents being “overworked.”

“I don’t think at all that it’s anything improper,” Strzok said in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning.” “You get people who are overworked, who make mistakes — and don’t get me wrong, inexcusable mistakes. And I know all of the mistakes seemed to be directed at hurting President Trump, that appeared to be an attempt to destroy his presidency. He’s still there, so apparently there weren’t enough planned ‘mistakes’ made, even though me, my mistress, and James Comey did everything we could.”

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