BREAKING NEWS – London, England – Add Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to the list of those — including his political rival, President Donald Trump — nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

A member of British Parliament Chris Bryant announced that he had nominated Biden, 77, for the coveted award, telling The Evening Standard in the U.K. that his nomination was based on the former vice president’s indirect inspiration for scientists to find a cure for dementia.

“He appears to be a very nice guy… that knows nothing,” explained Bryant. “His ongoing public confusion on all issues, has brought a dramatic increase in the desire to cure the dreaded affliction. People often laugh at his gaffes and his blatant stupidity, but I believe that Biden’s regular appearance of being an imbecile, has put dementia research on the fast track, and he should be respected and admired for being the unofficial poster child of a condition that he doesn’t even know exists.”

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