I was recently dating a woman, and the relationship abruptly ended, and I still have no idea why. I was initially attracted to her because she is a math wizard. She can process numbers in her head as if she was a human calculator. Yesterday she told she could easily remember my social security number, my credit card numbers, and my ATM number, simply by me telling her only once. I put her to that test and she was right! She didn’t miss a single digit! Late last night she called me, while I was half asleep. I can only recall bits and pieces of the conversation, but it sounded like she was trying to tell me she is shy, because she constantly said the word “withdrawn”. I also remember her saying that she hopes my favorite number is “zero”, which made no sense to me. Anyway, I’m getting frustrated this morning because I apparently misplaced my debit card and I have no idea where it could be. I hate it when that happens.

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