BREAKING NEWS – Pembroke Pines, Florida – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed that President Trump sees seniors as “forgettable” as he courted older voters in Florida, a crucial general election battleground state.

Speaking directly to voters age 65 and older, Biden argued that the president thinks “you’re expendable, ‘forgettable, you’re virtually nobody. That’s how he sees seniors…the only senior that Donald Trump cares the senior Donald Trump.”

“I used to live in New York,” a senior shouted out. “If I was still living in New York this year, would I still be alive considering Governor Cuomo sent seniors who tested positive for COVID-19 to nursing homes which caused countless deaths?”

“Were those seniors, expendable, forgettable, and a bunch of nobodies?” shouted another senior.

Biden paused before answering, then became visibly angry before responding. “Would you people stop complaining! You can’t live forever! Of course you’d be dead if you lived in New York earlier this year due to decisions by the governor. So, stop whining, and be grateful that you escaped before Cuomo gave the order to round you people up!”

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