Dear Blake,

A man has been reaching out to me on social media for three years. He claims to be in love with me (after having met me once, briefly), and I think I believe him.

It’s hard to explain, but I think I may feel the same way toward him. The problem is, I have ignored him for the last three years. I blocked him on all social media, but he keeps finding ways to contact me. He even had flowers delivered to my house. To tell the truth, I ghosted him because I’m terrified of what our “love at first sight” connection could mean. I have been hurt in the past, and I know a relationship of this magnitude could destroy me emotionally.

I feel terrible for ignoring him, but my friends and family insist that he is a stalker, and they would never understand if I decided to pursue a relationship with him. I feel paralyzed. What should I do?

Signed, Florence
From Carson City, Nevada

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Dear Florence,

To put it mildly, your potential “mate” is weird. I think you should do a background check before you meet him, to insure that he’s not later picked out of a police line-up, as the prime suspect in your disappearance. Here is some other advice you should consider. If you go to his place, leave immediately if he has several dvd boxed sets of uncaptured serial killers. Or, leave a crumb trail so the police can eventually give closure to your friends and relatives, and your family can finally go shopping for your headstone. For the first meeting, got to a very public place, making it uncomfortable for him to hide a machete. And finally, before you get in his car, check out the trunk to see if he had it soundproofed that could suppress high pitched terrifying screams. Also, inform the police if you see in his trunk, any remains of his previous victim(s). I hope this helps.


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