Dear Blake,

I am a 52-year-old single, straight male. For some reason, only men seem to be attracted to me. If I sit at a table in a restaurant or bar, a man will come over and sit next to me. If I go to the park, a man will sit next to me on the bench. Walking down the street, random men approach me. It’s terrible. I’m straight! Please help!

Signed, Sanford
From Oak Park, Illinois

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Dear Sanford,

For some reason you are attracting only men. You could probably find out by simply asking women why they can’t stand looking at you. Anyway, consider other possibilities such as these. Are you now wearing make-up? More and men are wearing it. If you are, maybe men find your lipstick and extended eyelashes, irresistible. Do you wear perfume instead of cologne? That may cause those men to give you a double take. They may view it as an invitation for dinner, a movie and… nevermind. Are you a cross dresser? If you are, you may be wearing skirts that are too revealing, rather than wearing something conservative or more business-like. And lastly, it might be your voice, because many people speculate on a person’s sexual persuasion based on the sound when they speak. The higher the pitch, the more feminine they may think you are. To put it to a test, record yourself singing, and ask people do you sound more like Barbara Streisand or Barry White. I hope this helps.


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