Dear Blake,

I have been in a relationship for two years with a man I love very much. We’re both in our early 20s. I have a house. He lives with his parents and is going to school.

Last year, after living together for a few months due to COVID, I invited him to move in with me. It took him five months to even give me an answer about whether he wanted to. It has now been eight months since he went back home to his parents. He says he “will” move in, but won’t commit to giving me a date.

I have been blown off by him for his family multiple times, and I know it’s not something that’ll ever change. I’m wondering if we’ll last, or if I should take a step back in the relationship.

Signed, Willona
From St. Louis, Missouri

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Dear Willona,

Your boyfriend obviously doesn’t want to live with you. There are countless reasons why he may not want you lurking in his presence on a daily basis, so I we have to figure out why he views you as being so repulsive. Consider these options, It could be your cooking, and he might feel that it’s so awful that he now realizes that it’s possible to make maggot gag. Or, because he’s in college, he may feel that you’re so stupid, that hanging around you will lower his I.Q. causing him to fail all of his classes dropout and have his intelligence level reduced to yours. Or possibly this reason. You live in St. Louis which is currently the murder capital of America, and he might feel the violent criminals in your neighborhood are worse than the violent criminals in his neighborhood, and living in your part of town will slightly lower his life expectancy. The last potential reason is it could all be COVID related, and he simply wants you to wear a mask all the time. Either that or he wants your entire face covered up because he thinks you’re ugly, and he doesn’t want to settle with surgical masks that covers up just 50% of your ghoulish appearance… or something like that. I hope this helps.


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