BREAKING NEWS – Salt Lake City, Utah – Sex therapist Lisa Butterworth has long been willing to delve into sensitive sexuality questions with clients who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They seek her out to have open and frank conversations about the faith’s strict rules.

But after seeing another prominent sex therapist she considers a close friend and colleague recently kicked out of the church, Butterworth is worried fewer church members will seek help in fear of being reprimanded.

“They have a lot of concerns,” she explained. “Many Mormons are confused and disoriented about the strict rules regarding sex. They are all ordered at their weddings to have sex with the sole purpose of producing children. Mormon leaders also forbids the enjoyment of sex, or they risk getting excommunicated. Spouses are strongly encouraged to turn each other in to the church, if one person notices that the other is really having a good time in bed. The President of the church personally told me that LDS married couples should treat intimacy as a chore not for pleasure, not with passionate smiles, but with stern expressions, or they may end up approaching sex like a common ordinary Baptist.”

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