Dear Blake,

I’m a former model, have almost completed my second master’s degree and hold a steady government job. I don’t understand why I feel so depressed just because no one has ever wanted to marry me. I have wanted kids my entire life and thought I would have three before I was 30. Now I cry every day thinking how I may never be in a relationship with anyone who will love me enough to marry me, or have kids with me because marriage never happened.

I have a college fund set up for my “future” children and have done everything in my life to prepare to be a mom. I paid off my student loans early, got a car that was perfect for car seats and a dog that’s a good breed for kids. I just don’t know where to turn next.

Signed Miranda
From Dallas, Texas

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Dear Miranda,

You seem to have it all together. However, your high standards along with you being honest about your future plans, could be the compelling reason why no man has considered marrying the likes of you. Here are some of your possible problems. When you tell a man that you are a “former” model at 30, they’ll be thinking that you got of the business because some skilled photographer told you that you were going downhill fast, and by 40 you’ll like you should be housed at a nursing home. You also said you were working on your second master’s degree. Usually, men don’t like really intelligent women because they are too difficult to manipulate, and they can easily detect when we are lying through our teeth. You also said you have a college fund set up for your future. Men often quickly lose interest in women who that can hardly wait to get knocked up. Overall, you come as being “too perfect”… which raises red flags. Because you appear to be a perfect “10”, men are going to think that either you’re a robot, or a woman “now” that recently had a sex change to become a female. Either way men are turned off by it, unless they are also a robot, or a woman that was previously a man, due to a recent sex change. I hope this helps.


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