Dear Blake,

I enjoy watching sporting events that I record earlier in the day or a day or so before. I don’t like knowing the outcome of the event before I watch, so I’m careful not to watch TV or listen to the radio before playing back the recorded event. My husband (of 36 years) knows I feel this way, but sometimes he forgets and tells me the outcome.

Our son, who is 13, became aware of the results of a game, and I asked him (twice) to please keep it to himself. He told me anyway, in front of my husband. I was irritated and asked him why he had intentionally ruined the event. My husband said I need to “get Zen” and didn’t think it was a big deal. Is my request so ridiculous that they should be fine with disregarding it?

Signed, Nellie
From Syracuse, New York

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Dear Nellie,

What your husband said was insensitive. Since it appears to be two against one, you must be twice as vicious toward both of them to even things out. Here are some ideas. The next time that boneheaded husband of yours blurts out a score, tell him for the next month he won’t “score” with you… if you know what I mean. The next time your son is playing a video game and he’s doing well and about to set a record for his personal best, unplug it, put it in a suitcase, and tell him he can play it all he wants when he leaves, as you point to the front door and demand for him to get out. Whatever your husband’s favorite sports team is, wear a jersey of his biggest rival team, and root for them with passion. Cry if your team loses, and rub his nose in it if your teams wins, referring to his team as bunch of worthless bums. Lastly, if your son is in the little league, the next time there’s a really big game, when you get close to the baseball field turn around and go home. As your son is fuming tell him to “get Zen” and emphatically state that no matter what the final score is, his team will be better off without him. I hope this helps.


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