BREAKING NEWS – Atlanta, Georgia – Consumers’ Research, an educational nonprofit dedicated to consumer information, launched a number of new advertising efforts targeting Coca-Cola over its “woke” political narratives.

The new efforts – which include an ad that will air in Atlanta, a new website called and mobile billboards attached to trucks that will drive around Coca-Cola’s headquarters, its museum and the Georgia State Capitol over the next 28 days – are part of the nonprofit’s ongoing, seven-figure ad campaign targeting “woke” companies.

“We want to expose their racism toward blacks that we recently figured out,” Consumers’ Research. “The reason why the soft drink Coca-Cola is brown, is because they feel that black people should be bottled up to control them. And we also think that the reason why there is always a cap on the bottles, is because Coca-Cola believes that blacks are obsessed with hats, dreadlocks, and wigs.”

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