Dear Blake,

My best friend, whom I’ve known most of my life, has a 7-year-old grandson. The boy, “Cody,” is spoiled, rude and makes obnoxious comments to adults. They’ll make plans to visit us on a weekend evening when my wife and I want to chill out. While they are here, Cody gets loaded up on sugar, snoops through rooms and picks up breakable objects while watching us to see our reaction. He also does calisthenics and runs around while he’s here. He makes snotty comments to us that my friend encourages and thinks are funny. As much as I love my friend, how do I tell him that his grandson is no longer welcome?

Signed, Luke
From Jefferson City, Missouri

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Dear Luke,

It appears that your friend is oblivious to his grandson misbehaving. However, there are somethings you can do to open his eyes… and make his hair stand on end. Here are some ideas. Find a kid from a nearby school that has the reputation of being a bully, and invite him over every time your friend stops by. The visits will stop after your friend gets tired of watching his grandson being used as a punching bag. Or, get a pit bull and tell your best friend that your dog gets very aggressive toward overly active children, or kids that simply talk too much. The next time that miniature tyrant says something obnoxious to you, say something back to the little brat that will reduce him to tears. If your friend gets offended, tell him you thought that’s what Cody wanted you to do… as you laugh hysterically while he screams for his mommy. And lastly, try this. When Cody picks up something that’s breakable, dare him to damage it, assuring him that his grandfather will pay for it. If that runt breaks it, demand immediate payment from your friend. When that happens often enough, your friend will deal with that pint-size thug in a way that may be borderline on child abuse. And if that happens, immediately report it… to nobody. I hope this helps.


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