BREAKING NEWS – San Francisco, California – Locals in San Francisco, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s hometown, told Fox News what grade they would give the Democrat ahead of Tuesday’s recall election that could remove him from office.

The answers ranged anywhere from an “A plus plus” to an “F.”

“Terrible,” said a local man who gave Newsom an F. “Basically, I wasn’t working because of him.”

But a woman told Fox News the California governor, a former San Francisco mayor, deserved an “A plus plus.”

“Love him. He’s good for California,” she said. “Keep Gavin Newsom, he’s the best for California. He has been an inspiration to my household. I have three teenage sons. All three have dropped out of high school and are completely worthless. However, Newsom has given them hope, showing my sons that they can be complete idiots, and still get elected as governor.”

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