The Christmas Story Poem By Jack Zavada

Before the earth was molded,
before the dawn of man,
before there was a universe,
God devised a plan.

He looked into the future,
in the hearts of unborn men,
and saw only rebellion,
disobedience and sin.

They would take the love he gave them
and the freedom to decide,
then turn their lives against him
in their selfishness and pride.

They seemed bent on destruction,
determined to do wrong.
But saving sinners from themselves
was God’s plan all along.

“I will send a Rescuer
to do what they can’t do.
A sacrifice to pay the price,
to make them clean and new.

“But only One is qualified
to bear this heavy cost;
My spotless Son, the Holy One
to die upon a cross.”

Without hesitation
Jesus stood up from his throne,
“I want to give my life for them;
It is my task alone.”

In eons past a plan was formed
and sealed by God above.
A Savior came to set men free.
And did it all for love.