BREAKING NEWS – Palmdale, California – The California city of Palmdale was ready to roll out the red carpet this summer when a Japanese company agreed to build a $60 million factory on a city-owned, vacant parcel on the southwest side of town — but now the company is taking its project out of state after they got into a heated exchanged with the mayor and union. As many as 300 people were slated to work at the 400,000-square-foot plant, painting and wiring light rail cars under a huge contract with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority. It was a coup for Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford, and a plan that seemed to suit Kinkisharyo International, which last year moved its U.S. headquarters from Boston to El Segundo, California. Ledford and the union later stated that they were glad to see them go, citing that their hiring practices were unrealistic, requesting that all employees either spoke English or were American citizens. The mayor also said Kinkisharyo International refused to include in their floor plans, bathrooms for transgender workers, and to provide a well lit area in the parking lot with security guards, where homeless people could sleep at night.