BREAKING NEWS – Delft, Netherlands – A futuristic airplane seat sensors can tell when passengers are nervous. The project is the result of a joint partnership between KLM flight attendants, students at Delft University of Technology and Zodiac Aerospace, a French company that supplies airline equipment. Whether you’re a nervous wreck at 30,000 feet or an unruffled frequent flier, a new app called FlightBeat will let everyone know. Using sensors built into passenger seats, the app is designed to monitor a passenger’s heart rate and breathing throughout the flight. If someone is getting sick or is stressed out, the chair sends data to a smart tablet to alert a flight attendant. A security feature to the new product is, if the person’s vital signs suggests that they have deadly or destructive intentions, the plane will automatically drop the passenger through a trap door to the lower deck, and then out of the aircraft as soon as they are flying above rugged rocky terrain.