Part 4 of 5 of government waste created by ultra-liberal politicians (state by state)

Texas – $3,100,000 to conduct a survey, to see if they should lower the age from 21 to 10 for people to legally be able carry a gun in public.

Hawaii – $2,400,000 for research to determine why all of their tropical islands are so humid.

Colorado – $2,100,000 to conduct experiments to see if Coors Beer is indirectly responsible for so many drunken skiers starting avalanches.

Idaho – $4,700,000 to be spent on therapy for the very depressed militia groups scattered all over the state, that now realize that the U.S. Government is so pathetic, it’s no longer worth overthrowing.

Iowa – $3,300,000 to determine where to open car dealerships, since most of the population only drive tractors.

Arkansas – $210,000 in private investigator fees, to try to locate the only 142 women in the entire state, that weren’t hit on by Bill Clinton when he was governor.

Michigan – $375,000 to conduct a study on how many people would volunteer their time to move the Detroit Lions… to anywhere out of the state.

Louisiana – $4,500,000 to mail out flyers to all residents, to inform them that voodoo will now be an accredited course in their public schools.

Montana – $1,300,000 for town hall meetings in all counties, to decide if the should abolish their present law, which mandates that every household should have a least one pick-up truck.

Massachusetts – Based on the way people in this state speaks, $680,000 to determine the best way to have the letter “R” officially stricken from the alphabet.