BREAKING NEWS – Salt Lake City, Utah – At least 1500 Mormons resigned from the church on Saturday to protest a new policy banning children with same-sex parents from being baptized until they reach adulthood, according to reports. The mass resignation comes just days after the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a new policy that lists same-sex marriage as an act considered a renunciation of the faith. “The fact that it affects children really upset people,” said attorney Mark Naugle, who is helping members with the resignation process. “And many gay men that are Mormons are still upset that the church leaders continually refuses to tell them which will they be when they die, ‘gods or goddesses’? This information is crucial to their faith because they want to be properly dressed for the afterlife at their funeral, so they’ll know to be wearing in their casket a business suit or an evening gown.”