BREAKING NEWS – Pocatello, Idaho – Dalene Bowden who is an Idaho cafeteria worker has been fired for giving a hungry student a free lunch, the Idaho State Journal reported. The Irving Middle School student didn’t have any money to pay for the hot lunch that cost $1.70. Bowden offered to pay for the lunch herself, but her supervisor said no. The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District responded to her termination by stating, “Ms. Bowden’s actions sent out the wrong message. If this student did not have money for food, it’s their own fault. There are plenty of places in the area to get a part time job, and to work full time on weekends, and we have no record of the sixth grader ever seeking employment. Starvation is a slow process and we feel the student had plenty of time to figure this thing out and began sending out a résumé. And we will not allow anyone who works for our district, including Ms. Bowden to promote laziness”.