BREAKING NEWS – Everett, Washington – Todd Kirkpatrick was interrupted by the police while trying to rob a bank and is now an inmate at Clallam Bay Corrections Center, wants Snohomish County to pay him $6.3 million for his troubles. Kirkpatrick, 57, recently filed a legal claim against Snohomish County, which is a precursor to a lawsuit. While fleeing, he pointed his gun at a deputy, who summarily shot Kirkpatrick twice. He claims that the medical bills from the gunshot wounds are more than $300,000, and that other police officers failed to stop the deputy from “trying to execute” him. Kirkpatrick says he also plans to sue the bank due to their “shoddy customer service”. He explained in his claim that “a very unprofessional teller took her sweet time in finding a bag to put the money in that he was trying to steal”, and “ she repeatedly gave him awkward and unnecessary glances, intentionally trying to see what he looked liked behind his ski mask”. Black Lives Matter stated that Kirkpatrick has a legitimate complaint, and they would protest on his behalf if he was African-American.