BREAKING NEWS – Buenos Aires, Brazil – A mentally ill Brazilian man who has dedicated his life to trying to look like a Ken doll with plastic surgeries was reportedly admitted to the hospital after his nose began rotting. Rodrigo Alves, 32, has body dysmorphic disorder, or dysmorphophobia, a chronic mental illness marked by an obsession over physical appearance and body image, and has undergone 42 cosmetic operations over the last decade or so that has cost him about $400,000. According to the Mayo Clinic, people with the condition commonly undergo multiple plastic surgeries to try to “fix” their perceived flaws, but they are never satisfied. Alves’ attorney said he plans on filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Mattel, for not putting labels on their dolls that “would warn imbeciles of potential addictions”. His attorney also named as defendants in the civil action, mirror manufacturers that he feels are at least partially responsible.

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  1. Blake, I added the word cost in the $400,000 section but didn’t know whether or not the dysmorphric words were spelled correctly.

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