BREAKING NEWS – Dallas, Texas – More than 30 people who attended an event with motivational speaker Tony Robbins have been treated for burns after he encouraged them to walk on hot coals as a way of conquering their fears, Dallas fire officials said. The hot coals were spread outside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center as part of a four-day Robbins seminar called “Unleash the Power Within.” Robbins later blamed the people for their injuries. He initially chuckled while speaking about the incident at a press conference but within moments he was laughing hysterically. “Most people are idiotic enough to do anything I tell them if they think it’ll help them get rich”, he began, but quickly found it difficult to speak and giggle at the same time. “In Yosemite National Park last year, several people were mauled to death after they followed my suggestion on how to conquer their fear of grizzly bears.”