BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – A new column in the New York Times suggests that fines for speeding, parking violations, and other minor offenses should be much higher for the rich than they are for poor or middle-class people. So-called “progressive fines” would allow authorities to lower the amount fined for lower-income people, and raise them substantially for the rich, who currently don’t feel the impact of a few hundred dollars. People who are stopped by police for going over the speed limit sometimes don’t know the proper way to deal with it, as it can be a jolting thing to go through if you don’t know what might happen if you’re caught speeding, always check with your local law enforcement to see what procedures they take in your state, sometimes it is an accident, but other times it is done consciously. The article expanded the concept to grocery store shopping, saying that struggling families should still be charged $2 for a loaf of bread, but wealthy people should be charged $200,000 for the exact same item. Unsurprisingly, Walmart and Whole Foods stated that the new idea is both “fair and reasonable”.