BREAKING NEWS – Vatican City, Italy – The Vatican has been working to set the record straight on whether Pope Francis I denied the existence of hell in an interview with a well-known Italian journalist. The controversy started when 93-year-old journalist Eugenio Scalfari, the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, published a report that he asked Francis where “bad souls” end up going. Francis’ reply, according to the journalist, was that those who repent could be forgiven but those who do not, “disappear.” Pope Francis I later stated that the question itself is an attack on Catholicism. “People that inquire about this, are indirectly asking about all of the pedophile priests within our church,” he explained. “And I believe, as long as we pay off their victims through an out-of-court settlement, the offending priests will indeed enter heaven. But they have to have the court documents with them Judgment Day, and hand them to God for His review, along with the cancelled check. People that disagree with me, are simply ignorant of Catholic business transactions.”