BREAKING NEWS – Corvallis, Oregon – A college freshman faces charges for kidnapping a female hotel worker in Oregon at gunpoint then taking her on a joyride while handcuffed in his car, authorities said. Cedar A. Haddad, an Oregon State University student, was arrested on charges of kidnapping, menacing and coercion in connection to the alleged abduction. Police said the 19-year-old freshman showed up at the Inn at Nye Beach around 3 a.m. Saturday night and whipped out a fake handgun. Haddad, who is a computer science major, held the 26-year-old female employee at gunpoint, prompting her to scream. According to his attorney, there has been a “big mix up”. He explained that Haddad is considering going to med school to become a cardiologist, and he was  innocently testing the female hotel worker’s stress level, to see what he would have to do to induce a heart attack.