BREAKING NEWS – Dublin, Ireland – Pope Francis I told reporters that he “won’t say a word” about claims by a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. that the pontiff had rehabilitated the former archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick, despite being made aware of sexual misconduct claims against him. In an 11-page memo made public, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò called on Francis to resign over his handling of the McCarrick matter. The Pope responded in a brief memo to Viganò, in which he says in part, “I am not quitting this job! Are you crazy? The money and benefits are great! Besides, I hold the parents at each parish partly responsible for their children getting abused. They know there is a good chance that the priest at their church is likely a seasoned predator, yet they still refuse to come to Sunday services carrying concealed weapons to protect their kids from some of the monsters behind the pulpit. And parents that allows their sons to be altar boys, in my view, are nothing more than pimps!”